At Marigan

“We produce microalgae with zero contamination, zero loss of bioactivity and zero quality fluctuations.”

The Present

The Marigan Group comprises of a holding company and several subsidiaries, with each company enjoying a specific and dedicated role as part of a complex production process. Marigan was established as a start-up after 5 years of extensive research and development which has led to entirely new technologies in the field of cultivation and processing of microalgae, clearly indicating unique technological advantages in capacities, purity and bioactivity of extracts, resulting in tremendous commercial success.

The company is currently in the process of setting up a pilot plant. The CIP and SIP equipment will be verified in accordance with FDA, EHEDG and EU regulations; natural agents will be certified by FDA, REACH and EU; sample material will be available for potential clients already long before start of the commercial production.

Followed by …

Successful pilot production will lead to Marigan rolling out a dedicated cultivation and extraction plant, operating in a fully controlled environment. Production of biomass and extracts will be executed without any interruption 365 days a year.

Marigan’s biomass and extracts will be delivered exclusively to its high-end clients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.

The Future

The company aims to further expand its market reach by establishing production facilities in the US and Asia. Marigan will also continue with its R&D efforts. This will further enrich its technology portfolio with respect to the cultivation of microalgae.

Doing so, Marigan will create a new market for tailor-made bioagents through new strains of microalgae for new-generation medicinal purposes.

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