Past to Present

The founders of Marigan have spent five years of extensive research and testing to develop unique and revolutionary processes, technologies and equipment to cultivate various strains of microalgae under optimum conditions precisely in accordance with the Calvin-Cycle: with extraordinary growth rates, and in large commercial volumes.

The end result is known as the Marigan FFE Technology, using pressurized 250 Litre flat-plate photobioreactors and a unique and patented distribution system for sunlight in a fully automated plant with multiple sensors and dosing systems as well as a revolutionary system for injection of carbon dioxide micro bubbles.

All auxiliaries such as disinfection systems, parasite detection and treatment, temperature compensation and inoculation methods have been questioned, redesigned and optimized, resulting in a cultivation plant without obstacles and weaknesses.

Furthermore, the entire prosses of harvesting, drying of the biomass and cell-rupture is executed under permanent and consequent nitrogen inert gas shielding and with mild temperatures in new designed Marigan processes, equipment and machines, avoiding any degeneration of the sensitive and valuable agents. This results in natural agents with highest bioactivity and full anti-oxidative performance.

Marigan has applied for 10 patents, which are now pending. Another 23 unique technology packages complete the IP Portfolio of Marigan.


Plant and Equipment

Having developed already the perfect technologies and equipment for cultivation and processing of microalgae in both laboratory size as well as for commercial use, the engineers of Marigan will support the production teams with further innovative designs and methods to maintain axenic strains of microalgae and maximum profit during the entire life cycle of a cultivation plant.


Microalgae Technology

In order to obtain best commercial results, “random mutagenesis” will be executed in close cooperation with TU Dresden on the individual strains of microalgae to identify and select favourite candidates with higher resistance to parasite infection and increased values both in growth rates and the generation of valuable natural agents.

One of the most promising projects in microalgae technology means the cultivation of the strain Chlamydomonas reinhardtii as a bio-reactor for medication. Marigan aims to cooperate here with the Max-Planck-Institute in Potsdam, the University of San Diego as well as with major pharmaceutic companies to enter asap in a cost efficient commercial production of these genome manipulated organisms.

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